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Chili and chocolate. Two very different foods that come together in perfect harmony. One is rich, decadent and crave-worthy while the other adds a touch of heat, spicing up savory dishes, as well as sweets.

How many different types of chili and chocolate combos exist? Join Fine Dining Lovers as we uncover the chocolatey truth.

Chocolate With Pepper: Rising in Popularity

Walk down the candy aisle at any supermarket and you’ll spot chocolate bars infused with chili peppers of all kinds: cayenne, chipotle, guajillo, and even ghost pepper, to name a few.

The best brands have paired chili and chocolate with spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg – a divine mix, especially when blended with high-quality dark chocolate (70% or more). Some even include nuts and orange zest so you’ll have fun choosing a favorite.

Sweet Treats: Chili Chocolate Bark

imaga via The Spice House

If you love the sound of chili chocolate then give this fun recipe from The Spice House a try: a chili chocolate bark infused with cayenne pepper, aleppo pepper and Hungarian paprika.

Chili Chocolate Cakes

image via Ryland Peters

Another decadent dessert is this indulgent chocolate cake topped with Tabasco-infused ganache and candied chilies. Get the recipe here.

You can also try your hand at whipping up these adorable mini chili chocolate cupcakes that also happen to be vegan. Click here for the recipe.

An Easy Hot Chili Chocolate Recipe

Cooking chili with a touch of chocolate is a nice way to obtain a flavor boost to this traditional comfort food. It’s an approach inherited from Mexican cuisine, homeland to a variety of creamy sauces known as ‘mole’ that are laced with a myriad of spices and, at times, also contain chocolate.

Chocolate won’t overpower the flavor of your chili. The trick is to use dark chocolate and add it at the end of the cooking process.

Making a chocolate chili is incredibly easy. Simply follow your favorite chili recipe and stir in the chopped chocolate at the end. For a big batch of chili that serves about 8 people you’ll need 2 ounces of dark chocolate.

In case you  need a chili recipe, here is a link to our favorite one (the recipe yields four servings so you’ll need just one ounce of dark chocolate).

Is Chocolate an Aphrodisiac?

Dubbed as the ‘Food of the Gods,’ chocolate has always been considered a mood lifter. Science backs this claim as cacao beans are rich in alkaloids, in particular caffeine (a natural stimulant) and theobromine, which is considered a euphoriant.

Curious to know more? Click here to discover 26 fun facts about cacao beans.

Hungry for more things chocolate? 

If you love chocolate then don’t let it go to waste. Discover how long chocolate lasts and the proper storage conditions.

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