What Is An Instant Pot? How Do I Use It?

Throughout the years, there have been many kitchen innovations – microwave, electric coffee maker, blender – that now form part of our every day life. Some kitchen tools are so revolutionary that it takes one single use to make them completely irreplaceable. This is the case with the Instant Pot.


The Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker with the capability of making everything from yogurt and rice to stewed meats, beans, and steamed vegetables. It can also be used as a slow cooker. 

The Instant Pot® Company was founded in 2009 by a team of veterans from the technology sector, whose goal was to help families who are prey to the frenetic pace of everyday life. Their mission was simple: to prepare quality foods in half the time.

They developed a product with advanced microprocessor technology, which made it possible to incorporate five types of cooking in a single pot: pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice, steam and heating. Five cooking methods in one pot. The result? An unexpected sales boom and enthusiastic comments from all over the globe.

The Instant Pot has about 25,000 reviews on Amazon.com, an absolute record. The  product sells for $ 69 – about 60 euros – and users rave about how it has revolutionized their way of cooking.


Pulled pork, brisket and other delicious tough meats can be prepared in this innovative cooking vessel. With the Instant Pot the meat will cook a little over an hour and come out juicy and soft.

Don’t believe it? Watch this video:

Craving a bean soup or chili? No problem.  Dried beans cook in about 40 minutes (use a 1:1 ratio of water and legumes) and you’ll have a fantastic bean soup or stew ready in no time. 

Chili prepared with canned beans takes just 10 minutes, as you’ll see in this recipe from Amy & Jacky:

Rice can be ready in 6 minutes and the advantage of having to clean just one pot is a great thing. 

Eggs are another popular food that can be prepared in minutes using the Instant Pot. Check out these cooking times for soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs, courtesy of KirbiesCravings:

In England and the United States, Instant Pot can be purchased in the most household appliance stores, in Italy and other parts of Europe it is still ‘relatively’ new but worth the investment.

Instant Pot: Cooking Times

Here is a fabulous cheat sheet for Instant Pot cooking times. You can download a printable version here.

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